We have a range of memberships, ashore and afloat, to suit individual needs, as summarised in the table below. For full details, see the "all categories" membership application form, or come into our clubhouse where our administrator Julia Gibson in the office will be very happy to discuss which is the most appropriate category of membership for you, depending on your needs.

Family, individual and berth holder members can pay membership subscriptions by monthly direct debit. Family and individual members can pay dinghy berthage by monthly direct debit. Boat owners whose boat is NOT in Largs Yacht Haven for any part of the year can now be house members.

Our membership year now runs from 1st March to end February, and discounts apply to applications received after a date to be decided by the Executive Committee. Distance discounts also apply to family and individual members living more than 50 miles (straight line distance) from the club. Most sailing members receive our discount card, which entitles them to (typically) a 10% discount on many goods and services from marina based outlets, and other supporters. See here for full details.

Largs SC is a private members club, and only members and their guests can use our facilities. It is a requirement of the Licensing Laws that all guests are signed in. Any guest can be signed in a maximum of five times in the membership year. Please note that individual and house membership are exactly that - they only cover the named member, so partners and children of such members should be covered by an appropriate membership e.g. joint house, or family.

Membership Categories

We welcome new members, who can apply for family, individual, berth holder, crew, junior, house and joint house, and group membership, as summarised below. See the Club Management Rules on our web site for full details.

Summary Table of Membership Categories (see also notes below)


Boat owner?

Age at 1.3.23



Discount card












Member + partner + children < 25







Member only




Berth Holder ("cruising" m'ship)



Owner(s) and family(s)

Restricted *






Member only

Restricted **





8 – 24

Member only



1 ***




Member only

Ashore only



Joint House



Member + partner

Ashore only




As defined by the Executive Committee

Notes: * - berth holder ("cruising") membership is for keelboat and motor boat owners (not necessarily based in LYH), and does not include dinghy sailing or cadet training rights; ** - crew members can sail, but only use the clubhouse before and after racing; *** - age 16 or older at date of general meeting.

  • Discount card - most sailing members can use our discount card, which gives a discount of (typically) 10% on a range of goods and services from Largs Chandlers, Largs Yacht Haven, Scotts, and many others. See here for full details.
  • Room hire - members can book our Lookout Lounge and Hems Kalis room for functions and events. For more details, see here.
  • Late season discount - our membership year now runs from 1st March to 28th February. Applications received after a date to be decided by the Executive Committee will qualify for a lower subscription rate - see application form for details. The full annual subscription will apply when renewing for the following year.
  • Distance discount - new and renewing family and individual (only) members living outside a radius of 50 miles from Largs SC can apply for a distance discount on their membership subscription.
  • Guests - we are a members only club, and all guests have to be signed in. We now have a limit of five visits per year by guests, so e.g. house (or individual) members who are regularly accompanied by their partners should take joint house (or add house membership) as appropriate.

How to Join:

On Line

You can apply on line through the WebCollect system. This is a web based system that allows you to enter your details, and select the payment method you prefer, either online using a bank transfer, direct debit, PayPal (includes card payments - you do not need a PayPal account), or at the club by cheque or cash into the office. Sorry, but we can no longer take cash or card payments at the bar. Click on the WebCollect link below to join on line (opens a new window).


Please note that family, individual and berth holder monthly memberships, and monthly berthage payments, are only available on line, via WebCollect, and GoCardless, the associated payment system.

We have produced guides for new and renewing members using WebCollect system - see table of attachments below. Renewing for 2022 is identical to renewals in previous years.

On Paper

To apply for membership, you can fill in your details on the appropriate membership application form (please use 2021 forms until these are updated shortly for 2022), and drop it into the Largs SC office (ground floor, to the sea side of the porch – use the letter box if the office is closed), with your fee. Sorry, but we can no longer take cash or card payments at the bar.

Manage Your Membership

Once you have joined, you can manage your membership online through the WebCollect system - use this to update your contact or boat details, add/remove family members etc., and renew your membership. Please only add family members who will be active in the Club, and have a valid e-mail address - there is no benefit in adding members who do not have an e-mail address - and they increase our fee to WebCollect. Please note that not being listed does NOT affect membership rights, or discount card privileges.

         Manage Membership