Club Merchandise

The club has set up a merchandise agreement with World Leisurewear to provide various articles of clothing and accessories. These can be customised with your, or your boats name together with the club logo. You can get something for your whole crew, or just yourself as there is no minimum order quantity. The club also benefits from each item sold as at the end of the season, the Club's account will be credited with 10% of the value purchased by members, which we can then use to purchase volunteer t shirts, burgees etc.

  • To use the site go to
  • Here you will see an LSC home page for world leisure wear.
  • Remember the logo number for LSC and then click "online purchasing."
  • On that page select an item, eg Sweatshirt and you will have size and colour options and a box to add the logo number and description ( Largs sailing club). You can then add boat name etc as required.
  • Add to basket and check out. As usual you have to fill in registration form once, to set up account