Championship Slipway Cleaning - Tuesday 9th July

Event Description: 

Championship Slipway cleaning - Tuesday 9th July

Event Date: 

Fri 1st Jul 2022


All hands on deck for a big cleanup operation on our Championship Slipway, prior to us hosting the Laser Nationals (27th July - 2nd August) and Topper Nationals (3rd - 9th August), plus the Musto Skiff Nationals (5th - 8th September.


Tuesday July 09 @ 10.00 is an important date for all our Volunteers, but most importantly for our Topper and Lasers Youths to come along and help make our Championship Slip pristine for these two key Nationals.


Tuesdays work to do list to prepare the Championship Slip for our Topper & Laser National visitors - the hard and dirty work now completed.

- sweep all the loose seaweed on the slip up into piles for Ian Kent on the LYH tractor to collects after 11.00.

- use trowels and hoes to clear all the weeds away, not just on the slip, but on the right and left rocks - also into piles for Ian to pick up.

- kelp and rocks out beyond the slip lifted and put to one side, not essential, but nice to do, will avoid the odd Topper and Laser at LW hitting.

- inner rock buoy to be moved 50m to North to open up slip entry.

- Petrol strim the bottom of the slip, not essential, but would look nice.

Just a checklist for what we want to do - all help appreciated - bring brushes, spades, trowels, hoes, etc to make easier - Julia Gibson will have tea, coffee, juices, and biscuits at the top of the slip to keep the energy levels up.

The heavy work of getting rid of the slippy kelp has  happend - hired rotary mowers and petrol strimmers, started and now all done by the usual oldies, then the 9th and a lot of clean up, gardening, and marking - pretty light work, but many hands make light to have a slip that we will be most proud of for our visitors.