Championship Slipway Cleaning - Tuesday 9th July

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Championship Slipway cleaning - Tuesday 9th July

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Tue 9th Jul 2019

All hands on deck for a big cleanup operation on our Championship Slipway, prior to us hosting the Laser Nationals (27th July - 2nd August) and Topper Nationals (3rd - 9th August), plus the Musto Skiff Nationals (5th - 8th September).

I am looking around to see if I can get “mechanical” help to get the worst of the seaweed cut off ahead of the day - wire scrubber, scalper, etc - any positive suggestions much appreciated as I still do not have a fix.

Many hands make light work, and Julia will bribe us with coffee and cakes! If you have a hoe or spade, maybe bring that along. The Largs Yacht Haven tractor will be helping.




Think I am onto making life a lot easier all round - rotary lawn mower - see photos below:

My rotary petrol lawnmower trial on the Championship Slip this morning March 28 looks promising - at the lowest cut level took it down to the roots, as a domestic lawnmower it struggled a bit power wise, but think hiring a commercial one would overcome that.

Also slip surface is pretty good and no nasty grinding blades at the lowest level, when higher nothing got cut, blades just slipped over the kelp. Also once down to the roots the slip is a lot less slippery, we then may use strimmers (thanks Chris), power jets, and sharp (thanks Mark) hoes to make a wee bit better, but maybe we even need to question doing.

Compared to other suggestions which need sharp claws, chains, etc, on the tractor and discussion with NA and local farmers this may look like a pretty good solution - need to make sure slip is clear of stones, also think if raked up in front of the mower would even make a better cut.

My thinking is to hire one for a week from HSS in early July and give it a few days on the slip ahead of the Volunteers Day July 09. Just need to make sure that the blades can be set very low - will look into that.

Was also interesting in the number of people who came down today to me and ask what I was doing - I did feel I looked a bit “off the wall” with a lawnmower on the slip!

Getting there to make things a lot easier for volunteers I think - any other suggestions welcome - that said on checking this morning looks VG, cut at walking pace, down to the stems and not at all slippy - last 2 photos.