Club Regatta 2020 (New Racing during Covid guidance )

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Club Regatta 2020

Event Date: 

Sat 29th Aug 2020

NOTE Amendments to NOR and Entry Form to reflect name change .

As you are aware the Largs Regatta Festival 2020 has been cancelled. However in order to retain some of the spirit of the annual event and to celebrate a return to club competition after enduring lockdown we aim to hold a one day Club Regatta.  The NOR and the SIs are published below. The Guidelines for social sailing contain the relevant guidance for changing, rigging, launching and recovery of boats during the phased exit from COVIC-19 lockdown are the best practice to be employed during for all dinghy sailing from the club and can be found on the Racing page of the LSC website. This document is subject to regular updates and should be checked periodically to ensure that all sailors are up to date on sailing at the club.


More Photos from the Regatta can be seen on a folder on Google Drive


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Mixed Fleet at Club Regatta
Toppers at club Regatta
D-Zeros at Club Regatta
Club Regatta Start Line
Toppers and Optimist at Club Regatta 2020
Cat and B14 at Club Regatta 2020