Sunday Autumn Series

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Afternoon Club Racing

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Repeats every week every Sunday until Sun Oct 04 2020.
Thu 13th Sep 2018 to Sun 13th Sep 2020
Sun 16th Sep 2018 to Wed 16th Sep 2020
Sun 23rd Sep 2018 to Wed 23rd Sep 2020
Sun 30th Sep 2018 to Wed 30th Sep 2020
Sun 7th Oct 2018 to Wed 7th Oct 2020
Sun 14th Oct 2018 to Wed 14th Oct 2020
Sun 21st Oct 2018 to Wed 21st Oct 2020
Sun 28th Oct 2018 to Wed 28th Oct 2020
Sun 4th Nov 2018 to Wed 4th Nov 2020
Sun 11th Nov 2018 to Wed 11th Nov 2020
Sun 18th Nov 2018 to Wed 18th Nov 2020
Sun 25th Nov 2018 to Wed 25th Nov 2020
Sun 2nd Dec 2018 to Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Sun 9th Dec 2018 to Wed 9th Dec 2020
Sun 16th Dec 2018 to Wed 16th Dec 2020
Sun 23rd Dec 2018 to Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Sun 30th Dec 2018 to Wed 30th Dec 2020
Sun 6th Jan 2019 to Wed 6th Jan 2021
Sun 13th Jan 2019 to Wed 13th Jan 2021
Sun 20th Jan 2019 to Wed 20th Jan 2021
Sun 27th Jan 2019 to Wed 27th Jan 2021
Sun 3rd Feb 2019 to Wed 3rd Feb 2021
Sun 10th Feb 2019 to Wed 10th Feb 2021
Sun 17th Feb 2019 to Wed 17th Feb 2021
Sun 24th Feb 2019 to Wed 24th Feb 2021
Sun 3rd Mar 2019 to Wed 3rd Mar 2021
Sun 10th Mar 2019 to Wed 10th Mar 2021
Sun 17th Mar 2019 to Wed 17th Mar 2021
Sun 24th Mar 2019 to Wed 24th Mar 2021
Sun 31st Mar 2019 to Wed 31st Mar 2021
Sun 7th Apr 2019 to Wed 7th Apr 2021
Sun 14th Apr 2019 to Wed 14th Apr 2021
Sun 21st Apr 2019 to Wed 21st Apr 2021
Sun 28th Apr 2019 to Wed 28th Apr 2021
Sun 5th May 2019 to Wed 5th May 2021
Sun 12th May 2019 to Wed 12th May 2021
Sun 19th May 2019 to Wed 19th May 2021
Sun 26th May 2019 to Wed 26th May 2021
Sun 2nd Jun 2019 to Wed 2nd Jun 2021
Sun 9th Jun 2019 to Wed 9th Jun 2021
Sun 16th Jun 2019 to Wed 16th Jun 2021
Sun 23rd Jun 2019 to Wed 23rd Jun 2021
Sun 30th Jun 2019 to Wed 30th Jun 2021
Sun 7th Jul 2019 to Wed 7th Jul 2021
Sun 14th Jul 2019 to Wed 14th Jul 2021
Sun 21st Jul 2019 to Wed 21st Jul 2021
Sun 28th Jul 2019 to Wed 28th Jul 2021
Sun 4th Aug 2019 to Wed 4th Aug 2021
Sun 11th Aug 2019 to Wed 11th Aug 2021
Sun 18th Aug 2019 to Wed 18th Aug 2021
Sun 25th Aug 2019 to Wed 25th Aug 2021
Sun 1st Sep 2019 to Wed 1st Sep 2021
Sun 8th Sep 2019 to Wed 8th Sep 2021
Sun 15th Sep 2019 to Wed 15th Sep 2021
Sun 22nd Sep 2019 to Wed 22nd Sep 2021
Sun 29th Sep 2019 to Wed 29th Sep 2021
Sun 6th Oct 2019 to Wed 6th Oct 2021
Sun 13th Oct 2019 to Wed 13th Oct 2021
Sun 20th Oct 2019 to Wed 20th Oct 2021
Sun 27th Oct 2019 to Wed 27th Oct 2021
Sun 3rd Nov 2019 to Wed 3rd Nov 2021
Sun 10th Nov 2019 to Wed 10th Nov 2021
Sun 17th Nov 2019 to Wed 17th Nov 2021
Sun 24th Nov 2019 to Wed 24th Nov 2021
Sun 1st Dec 2019 to Wed 1st Dec 2021
Sun 8th Dec 2019 to Wed 8th Dec 2021
Sun 15th Dec 2019 to Wed 15th Dec 2021
Sun 22nd Dec 2019 to Wed 22nd Dec 2021
Sun 29th Dec 2019 to Wed 29th Dec 2021
Sun 5th Jan 2020 to Wed 5th Jan 2022
Sun 12th Jan 2020 to Wed 12th Jan 2022
Sun 19th Jan 2020 to Wed 19th Jan 2022
Sun 26th Jan 2020 to Wed 26th Jan 2022
Sun 2nd Feb 2020 to Wed 2nd Feb 2022
Sun 9th Feb 2020 to Wed 9th Feb 2022
Sun 16th Feb 2020 to Wed 16th Feb 2022
Sun 23rd Feb 2020 to Wed 23rd Feb 2022
Sun 1st Mar 2020 to Wed 2nd Mar 2022
Sun 8th Mar 2020 to Wed 9th Mar 2022
Sun 15th Mar 2020 to Wed 16th Mar 2022
Sun 22nd Mar 2020 to Wed 23rd Mar 2022
Sun 29th Mar 2020 to Wed 30th Mar 2022
Sun 5th Apr 2020 to Wed 6th Apr 2022
Sun 12th Apr 2020 to Wed 13th Apr 2022
Sun 19th Apr 2020 to Wed 20th Apr 2022
Sun 26th Apr 2020 to Wed 27th Apr 2022
Sun 3rd May 2020 to Wed 4th May 2022
Sun 10th May 2020 to Wed 11th May 2022
Sun 17th May 2020 to Wed 18th May 2022
Sun 24th May 2020 to Wed 25th May 2022
Sun 31st May 2020 to Wed 1st Jun 2022
Sun 7th Jun 2020 to Wed 8th Jun 2022
Sun 14th Jun 2020 to Wed 15th Jun 2022
Sun 21st Jun 2020 to Wed 22nd Jun 2022
Sun 28th Jun 2020 to Wed 29th Jun 2022
Sun 5th Jul 2020 to Wed 6th Jul 2022
Sun 12th Jul 2020 to Wed 13th Jul 2022
Sun 19th Jul 2020 to Wed 20th Jul 2022
Sun 26th Jul 2020 to Wed 27th Jul 2022
Sun 2nd Aug 2020 to Wed 3rd Aug 2022
Sun 9th Aug 2020 to Wed 10th Aug 2022
Sun 16th Aug 2020 to Wed 17th Aug 2022
Sun 23rd Aug 2020 to Wed 24th Aug 2022
Sun 30th Aug 2020 to Wed 31st Aug 2022
Sun 6th Sep 2020 to Wed 7th Sep 2022
Sun 13th Sep 2020 to Wed 14th Sep 2022
Sun 20th Sep 2020 to Wed 21st Sep 2022
Sun 27th Sep 2020 to Wed 28th Sep 2022
Sun 4th Oct 2020 to Wed 5th Oct 2022

This is a return to weekly racing taking into account the guidance provided by the Scottish Government and RYAS regarding activities during COVID. This, coupled with the experience gained through social sailing and two practice events, enables the start of an Autumn Race Series running throughout September and October in a COVID safe manner. Obviously this is not back to normal and there are some specific limitations that apply. We should also be aware of the need to further modify instructions as Lockdown measures are either further lifted or re-imposed.

The following ammendment to the Sailing Instructions has been made, Para 2.3 has been added.

Amendment 1.2 to Sailing Instructions:

  2.3     Due to changes in the COVID guidelines we are no longer able to use single boat bubbles and are restricted to a single bubble of 30 people (not boats) on the water, including RIBs. Consequently there may be occasions when there are too many sailors wishing to race. Racers will need to sign on for racing and the RO will inform any above the limit of 28 sailors if they cannot take part at 1330, any entries after this time will only be permitted up to the maximum allowed. In the event of too many racers signing on to race, anyone who has signed up for a duty on DUTYMAN, including later weeks, will have priority for racing. Likewise anyone who is not able to compete due to numbers exceeding the maximum permitted will have priority the following week.

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