Virtual Series

Event Description: 

Online Racing using the Virtual Regatta platform

Event Date: 

Repeats every week every Wednesday and every Sunday 33 times.
Fri 13th Apr 2018 to Sat 14th Apr 2018
Sun 15th Apr 2018 to Mon 16th Apr 2018
Wed 18th Apr 2018 to Thu 19th Apr 2018
Sun 22nd Apr 2018 to Mon 23rd Apr 2018
Wed 25th Apr 2018 to Thu 26th Apr 2018
Sun 29th Apr 2018 to Mon 30th Apr 2018
Wed 2nd May 2018 to Thu 3rd May 2018
Sun 6th May 2018 to Mon 7th May 2018
Wed 9th May 2018 to Thu 10th May 2018
Sun 13th May 2018 to Mon 14th May 2018
Wed 16th May 2018 to Thu 17th May 2018
Sun 20th May 2018 to Mon 21st May 2018
Wed 23rd May 2018 to Thu 24th May 2018
Sun 27th May 2018 to Mon 28th May 2018
Wed 30th May 2018 to Thu 31st May 2018
Sun 3rd Jun 2018 to Mon 4th Jun 2018
Wed 6th Jun 2018 to Thu 7th Jun 2018
Sun 10th Jun 2018 to Mon 11th Jun 2018
Wed 13th Jun 2018 to Thu 14th Jun 2018
Sun 17th Jun 2018 to Mon 18th Jun 2018
Wed 20th Jun 2018 to Thu 21st Jun 2018
Sun 24th Jun 2018 to Mon 25th Jun 2018
Wed 27th Jun 2018 to Thu 28th Jun 2018
Sun 1st Jul 2018 to Mon 2nd Jul 2018
Wed 4th Jul 2018 to Thu 5th Jul 2018
Sun 8th Jul 2018 to Mon 9th Jul 2018
Wed 11th Jul 2018 to Thu 12th Jul 2018
Sun 15th Jul 2018 to Mon 16th Jul 2018
Wed 18th Jul 2018 to Thu 19th Jul 2018
Sun 22nd Jul 2018 to Mon 23rd Jul 2018
Wed 25th Jul 2018 to Thu 26th Jul 2018
Sun 29th Jul 2018 to Mon 30th Jul 2018
Wed 1st Aug 2018 to Thu 2nd Aug 2018

The club has VIP pass with Virtual Regatta Inshore and so we are able to setup a a virtual series so we can still get some racing. The current plan is to schedule racing for 21:00 on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, however we are going to start off with an Easter Monday Kick off race. Each evening we will host three races, and will then record the results and combine them into a series.

The Virtual Racing app works on most platforms so you are not limited to just phone or PC. MS, Android and IOS systems all work although there are some issues with processor age and platform (Firefox, safari, explorer etc) affecting speed of response and frequency of dropouts. It is good to have a seperate communications route for discussion and chat during the racing, and we are going to initially try this with Zoom.

To take part you will need to:

  1. Register (free) on Virtual Regatta  (  clicking on the Inshore box and registering (DO NOT register on Offshore for club racing as this is a different group altogether). This will ask you to choose a Pseudonym (Pseudo) which is your chosen boat name (this transfers from boat to boat as you sail different classes) and this name identifies you in the races.
  2. Download Zoom app onto the device(s) you intend to use.
  3. Email to let him know that you are planning to join
  4. Read the tips and watch the Videos from the RYA on their Virtual Regatta Page

The Racing

  1. The Zoom invite will be emailed out to interested parties just prior to the planned start time
  2. The code to join the LSC race will be either in the email, or on the Zoom Call
  3. Log in to the Virtual Regatta and enter the code to join the locked race.
  4. Have Fun

We will need to be flexible to get this working, and may need to change the plan depending on feedback, so please let us know how things are working.


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