Some significant changes come into effect today, Friday 3rd July, principally affecting our cruising members at this stage - leisure travel distance restrictions are lifted, plus overnight stays on your boat, and overnight anchoring, are now permitted. The 2 metre restriction remains on social distancing in Scotland, and there are also restrictions on who you can have aboard. The executive committee are working with RYAS and other clubs on how these guidelines affect the resumption of wider club activities. We are carrying out neccessary risk assesments and will update members on our schedule for resuming activities and reopening the clubhouse as soon as possible.

Full details of the new situation can be found in today's RYA Scotland guidance note, here.

Other LYH activities are also expanding - Bosun's Table already offer a take-away service, and their outdoor service area will reopen from Monday 6th July. Saturn Sails is also open again, and of course Largs Chandlers has been open for a couple of weeks.

More generally, the Crinan Canal reopens on 17th July (pre-booking required), with the Caledonian and Lowland Canals reopening on 22nd July.

RYAS ask that we be respectful of the sensitivities of many destinations to visitors, after several months with few (if any) visitors, and the suspension of many services. See here for full information. 

Let's enjoy getting back on the water, and stay safe, everyone!