LSTA Hiking Viking

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Fun End of Season Racing for Cadets

Event Date: 

Thu 9th Sep 2021

To end the 2021 season the LSTA ran the Hiking Viking event, with two races planned over two nights. There was no wind on the first night, so we ran a treasure hunt. However on Wednesday there was some wind in between the showers. Although there was not a lot of wind strength there was a lot of wind direction! The wind came from every point of the compass at some point as all the Cadets sailed around a triangular course just off the club.

Congratulations to all the sailors, some of whom have only learned to sail this year, for finishing the course in some difficult conditions. Thanks to all the instructors and helpers for making the 2021 season loads of fun for all those we taught to sail.

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Dingies Race Start
Dinghies Sailing