RSK D-Zero National Championships 2021 - NoR Posted

Event Description: 

RSK D-Zero National Championships 20

Event Date: 

Fri 20th Aug 2021 to Sun 22nd Aug 2021

LSC are on the countdown to the RSK & Tunnocks sponsored D-Zero UK Nationals with almost 50 entries - we are well prepared for the invasion with a great shoreside and on water racing team, and shoreside parking and camping. We will be using the club slip, also the North car park to make it a cosy weekend with the 15 locals.


It will be a very busy time for Largs SC so if any of your partners or family can help by volunteering to support the racing and shore operations, this would be much appreciated!




SI and other sailing details, protest process, etc, to be posted 10 days ahead of racing.


We look forward to seeing you.


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