Sailing During COVID (including Track and Trace) - Updated 14 Jan 2022

COVID Guidance for 2022

New Guidelines were promulgated by the Scottish Governemnt on 27 December 2021 with special regard to minimising the spread of COVID -19, especially the Omichron variant which is significantly more transmissable than earlier variants. The Club has continued to operate through the end of 2021 whilst managing to live with some ongoing restrictions. The new guidelines have been reviewed and we believe that it will be possible for the event to take place with some additional minor restrictions.

Please adhere to the following restrictions for the day.


  • The race registration fulfills the Track and Trace requirements, no separate submission is required.
  • All non racers should fill in the track and Trace form in the entrance foyer before entering the clubhouse.
  • At least 1 metre physical mandatory distancing between groups is required indoors, with a maximum of 3 households is recommended within any group attending together.
  • When meeting in groups, everyone should try to keep distance from others that are not in their social group.
  • Face coverings should be worn, noting exemptions, whilst standing or moving around.
  • Showers will not be available except for Medical Emergencies. Racers and support boat crew are requested to shower at home and not at the club.
  • Please apply commonsense to ensure  adequate spacing and use of face masks whilst using the changing rooms
  • No kit is to be left in the changing rooms, clothes and bags must be removed after changing  (ideally placed in cars, not on overhead shelving) in order to keep the changing areas clear for subsequent users.


  • All the above points for racers also apply to social sailing.
  • Changing rooms may be used if the clubhouse is open, BUT, please ensure that you remove your kit from the changing rooms after changing in case the clubhouse is locked up whilst you are on the water.
  • It is suggested that you book out going on the water using the track and trace link at the top of the page so that there is a record of you being out on the water in case of accident. (RYA Safe Trx is an additonal option).