Social Sailing - Updated 26 May 2022


  • Following the success of social sailing during the Covid restrictions, we are keen to encourage members to continue to take advantage of our facilities on non racing days. This will provide opportunities for sailing in optimum conditions and as was proven during the last couple of years allow sailors to practise and improve techniques that will benefit them for competition.
  • Ideally you should try and go out with others, although sailing alone is acceptable. In this case though we ask sailors to take more care in ensuring that someone knows they have gone out on the water (and returned safely).
  • It is suggested that you book out going on the water using the track and trace link (no longer for COVID reasons) at the top of the page so that there is a record of you being out on the water in case of accident. (RYA Safe Trx is an additonal option).
  • Changing rooms and showers may be used if the clubhouse is open, BUT, please consider removing your kit from the changing rooms after changing in case the clubhouse is locked up whilst you are on the water.
  • Although many members will make arrangements to go out directly between themselves, a popular way of spreading the word is through the Largs Sailing Cub Racing Page on Facebook. Just post saying you intend to go out at a certain date and time and ask if others are interested. This method has been very successful in getting goups together to enjoy good weather and increase saftey.