Noble Marine One Design Regatta Weekend 2022

Event Description: 

Open weekend for Musto Skiffs, D-Zero, RS400’s, RS200’s, ILCA 6/7 (Lasers)

Event Date: 

Sat 21st May 2022 to Sun 22nd May 2022

Weekend of great racing with 60 boats like in June 2021 for Musto Skiffs, D-Zero's, RS400's, RS200's, ILCA 6/7 (Lasers) - get in your diary for 2022.

Big thanks to Noble Marine Insurance for sponsoring,

The SIs have been amended to reflect correct dates:

Paras 3.4 and 3.5 - corrected dates.


The NORs have just been amended making the following changes:

para 4.2 Change to dates to reflect May dates for the regatta this year, also a change for end of registration to 1130 (from 1200, so the start lists can be with the CV before the first race).

para 4.3. Introduction of a limit of 60 boats in total as safety and mark boats have now been assigned.

There will be individual class starts with ILCA 6/7 having a combined start with ILCA 6 And ILCA 7 broken out in the results.

Entry link here if you are keen not to miss out


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